Our Vision


Even though we come from different countries and cultures and have different opinions and attitudes the love of children is borderless. It’s our most basic emotion and arguably our best investment in the future. No creed, law, instinct, rule or feeling sanctions mistreatment of children. And happy children provide so many benefits. A joyful child is fun to be with, makes friends more easily, loves life and people and is often the best person he or she can be. Being treated well builds compassion and empathy and reduces risk of mental illness or radicalisation. Laughter is free. You can overcome any obstacle if friendships are strong, everyone is helping and caring for each other and sharing opportunities. The memory and sounds of a happy childhood can underpin global happiness and purposeful harmony.

Survival 4 Kidz (S4K) delivers Children’s Rights in your language. We want these rights to be THE conversation, THE framework. These rights are laws which never need policing because our DNA know it is the right thing to do - something we can all agree on and work towards. It is not about spoiling children. It is about giving them education and wisdom to help them make good choices. The future requires dividends that really matter – a bottomless aquifer of smiles, laughter and kindness from EVERY child.

Please send S4K’s Children’s Rights to people you love and make sure every politician or person in authority champions these rights.

This is the most important project of my life.

Jerry Tyrrell
Chief Executive Officer
Survival Emergency Solutions